Bajaj Mall - Policies

These below mentioned Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) apply to all orders placed by You through BFDL website’s ( and its mobile app (collectively the “eStore”). The services rendered by BFDL on eStore are exclusively intended for individuals who are Citizens of India and residing in India. BFDL is merely displaying the products of various dealers/manufacturers/merchants (“Sellers”) on eStore, that may be purchased by You by availing the credit facility (“Loan”) provided by Bajaj Finance Limited(“BFL”).By accessing eStore or any pages thereof, and/or using the information provided on or via eStore or placing any order/s on the same, You are agreeing to be bound by these Terms. You represent and warrant that You have the legal capacity to agree to these Terms. BFDL reserves all the rights to alter/modify the Terms anytime at its discretion. Each time You use/access eStore, it is Your total responsibility to be aware of its current Terms. You authorize BFDL to share Your information to its Partners(including but not limited to BFL and Sellers) and allow them to contact You for any transaction/offers. Read all the instructions carefully as they are set on the basis on which You visit eStore by subscribing to or using any of BFDL services You agree that You have read, understood and are bound by the Terms, regardless of how you subscribe to or use the services. If you do not want to be bound by the Terms, you must not access, visit, subscribe to or use our services.


The said products are manufactured, sold and/or delivered by the Seller and the Seller shall be solely responsible for the  quantity/ quality/ merchantability/delivery/installation/return /replacement or exchange in relation to the product and related services. BFDL and BFL shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any issues in relation to the product and related services directly provided by the Seller.

• “BFDL” means Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited;

• “You”, “your” “customer” mean anyone who visits, accesses, or uses our Site or obtains Services from BFDL through BFDL’s website.

While using the eStore to communicate with BFDL, You shall communicate with Your registered mobile/telephone number and/or e-mail address provided by You at the time of issuance of Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card. Thereby, You agree to receive communication from BFDL on Your registered mobile/telephone number and/or e-mail address.

  • Order Process
  • Shipping and Installation
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Returns and Replacement
  • Seller specific policies
  • eStore - Grievance Redressal


1.     You can place an order from your registered city only as per the Product and Seller availability in your registered city.

2.     While placing an order, You may select either “Home Delivery” or “Store Pickup” only for the eligible Products(products on which the option of store pick up is available on Product page) wherein You shall have the option to pick up Your order directly from the Seller’s store within a limited period as communicated to You. There is no commitment from eStore to deliver beyond the communicated limited period.

3.     You understand and agree that once You place the order, Your order shall be considered as placed. Further, when the Seller confirms your order, it shall be considered confirmed.


1.          Your order will be shipped by the Seller at no extra cost;

2.          If there are any delivery charges to be borne by You, then it shall be displayed on the Product page before placing of the order. Additionally, it shall be shown on the order summary and checkout page;

3.           The installation shall be arranged by the Seller within two to three (2-3) working days of the delivery of the Product ordered, wherever applicable. In case the installation is to be arranged by You, You can directly contact the Brand service centre.

4.          In case You are required to pay any standard installation charges on Your order, it shall be displayed on the Product page. Also, if You request any additional service at the time of installation, the applicable charges shall be borne by You, as communicated to You by the Brand Service Centre Representative. BFDL shall not be liable for any additional service charges taken by You at the time of installation.


1.          Before a Product is shipped/dispatched, You have the option to raise a cancellation request of Your order, provided that the cancellation option is available on that particular Product; and

2.          Any cancellation post dispatch of Product shall be subject to Seller’s approval. eStore has no commitments to fulfil any such cancellation requests.

3.          You can raise a cancellation request on eStore through “My Orders” section in the below sequence:

My Orders >> Eligible Order >> Cancel >>Reason>Submit

4.          You shall receive a response to your cancellation request within 2- 3 working days.

5.          Any Seller specific exclusion shall be displayed on the Product Page and can be checked at Seller specific - Exclusions


1.     In case of any returns, You can raise a request on eStore or to the Seller and Seller shall arrange for a home pick up of the product to be returned from Your delivery address.

2.     You can raise a request for return/replacements on eStore in “My Orders” section in the below sequence:

My Orders >> Eligible Order >> Raise a Request >>Reason>Submit

3.     In case of any such returns/replacements, You confirm that You have maintained the Product in the same condition as was received alongwith the invoice of the Product.

4.     In case of reinstatement of card limits on returns, the same shall be processed as BFL EMI network card terms & conditions.

5.     In case of home delivery, the return and replacement shall be arranged by the Seller at no extra cost.

6.     In case Your order is not delivered in a proper condition and the seal or packaging is tampered with, in any manner, You can refuse to accept the order at the time of delivery. Seller shall also arrange for a replacement of such damaged product within the next two to three (2-3) working days at no extra cost.

7.     In case You receive any damaged or non-functional product, You can reach out to the Seller for further assistance or Brand’s service centre directly.

8.     Please note that any Products mentioned as “non-returnable”/”No Returns” on the Product page cannot be returned or replaced.

9.     The Products which mention as “Replacement only” on the Product page cannot be returned and You can only opt for a replacement for the same.

10.  At the time of replacement, eStore/Seller does not guarantee, that it will be replaced with the same colour/pattern/size as per the original order.

The policies that are exclusively Seller fulfilled are listed below. For all other Sellers, the aforementioned policies shall be applicable.

1.     Avon Cycles:

·       No Return policy on successfully delivered product as ordered

·       No, you are not allowed to cancel your online order. We have no cancellation/refund policy as it is heavy we will not refund your entire ordered amount.

·       All products of Avon Cycles Ltd. are covered for 1 year (One Year) warranty against any manufacturing defect.

·       We will replace the defective rubber parts (Tires & Tubes Only) against manufacturing defects within 7 days from the date of delivery.

·       We will not take back the item (complete bicycle) with the reason that does not look like a picture we display in website.

·       Products are shipped in 80-95% fitted/assembled condition through our courier partner/dealer/transport.

·       There is one-year warranty available on all bicycle products and 7 days replacement of Rubber Parts (Tires & Tubes) against manufacturing defects

·       No warranty of electronic parts & plastic parts.

·       Read Warranty manual in case of Battery operated/Fitness products

·       All disputes limited to Ludhiana jurisdiction only.

·       The accessories shown in the imagery may not be a part of the product given away in a contest/lucky draw

·       The bicycle cannot be exchanged or returned



2.     Sleepyhead:

Exclusions Of Manufacturing Defect

1. Warranty will not be applicable on regular wear and tear of the cover and stitching.

2. Sleepyhead mattress is designed to be used on a firm solid surface, any defect

found due to improper support for the mattress is not be covered under warranty.

3. Any improper usage.

4. Any sort of fabric/zip /mattress damage caused while opening the seal of the

mattress is not covered under the warranty

5. Firmness or comfort preferences of the product are not considered a defect.

6. Any visible and lasting indentation (body impression) lesser than 1 inch of the total

height of the mattress (not associated from a sag in the bed base or cot) is not

covered under warranty.

7. Any damage caused due to liquid spillage is not covered under the warranty.

8. Mould, dirt or smell resulting from poor mattress care.

9. Exposure to cold/hot temperatures for a period of time that causes the materials to tear or permanently deform.


Sleepyhead™ 100 Nights Trial Policy

You Have 100 Nights To Make A Decision

It takes a minute to fall in love but about a 100 nights to form a commitment with our products. In case you don’t feel the warm and fuzzies with Sleepyhead, we’ll gladly take it back with absolutely no hassles and give you a 100% refund.


100 Nights Guarantee

We believe that a mattress or a sofa bed is a very important part of your life,

something you spend a whole lot of quality time on. It is quite unfair that you are

expected to pick out your mattress or sofa bed at the store by just trying it out for a hasty 10 minutes. At Sleepyhead, we let you try our products for 100 Nights at the comfort of your own home, before you decide if you want it, for keeps. So come dream, jump and roll around on Sleepyhead and take 100 nights to make a decision.

If you ultimately decide your Sleepyhead product is not right for you, within the first 100 nights from the date of delivery, we will do our best to ensure that the return process is as hassle- free as possible. We ask that you sleep on your new Sleepyhead Mattress or chill on your new Sleepyhead SofaBed for at least 30 days before you make a final decision to return. Some people do need a “break in” period to get used to a new product.


Terms & Conditions For 100 Nights Trial Offer

1. 100 Nights Trial is applicable only on Sleepyhead Mattress and Sleepyhead


2. 100 Nights Trial is applicable for the first 100 nights from the date of delivery. In

case of a swap between different models, 100 Nights offer will be still calculated from the Day 1 the first mattress or sofabed got delivered.

3. A swap between products (mattress to a sofabed or vice versa) is not applicable

under 100 Nights policy.

4. 100 Nights Trial is applicable only on standard size products. Non standard size

(Custom Size) products does not fall under 100 Nights Trial Offer.

5. You may decide to return the products any time before the end of 100 nights for a full refund. In case any freebies are provided with order, the refund will be after

deducting the freebie cost.

6. Return and Refund on 100 Nights Trial offer will be not be applicable if the product

falls under Exception to Return/Refund under 100 Nights Trial.

7. Our 100 Nights Trial offer applies only to original purchaser of genuine

Sleepyhead products purchased from or any other website authorized by Sleepyhead.

8. This policy is limited to one return per household per year.

9. Please retain a copy of your purchase invoice as proof of purchase. You’ll need to submit this to make a refund claim, without it, Sleepyhead Home Décor Private

Limited / Sleepyhead reserves the right to reject any claim under 100 Nights Trial


10. Returns will be accepted only if the product fulfills the Return Criteria (Refer to

Return Criteria under Return Policy).

11. We require you to supply photographs of the returning product/s while opting for a return. Failure to send appropriate photographs may result in return request being


12. The return requests must be exercised directly with Sleepyhead Home Décor

Private Limited / Sleepyhead no later than the 101st day from the date of delivery of

the mattress you want a refund on.

13. Returns will be inspected and picked up within 7 days of raising a return request.

14. All approved refunds will be processed within 15 working days once the

products has been picked up for return.

15. Sleepyhead Home Décor Private Limited / Sleepyhead reserves the right to

refuse the 100 Nights Trial Offer to anyone associated with a mattress


16. The final decision on refund under 100 Nights Trial offer will be made by

Sleepyhead Home Décor Private Limited / Sleepyhead. The company reserves the

complete right to refuse any request claim if it doesn’t fulfil the Terms and Conditions of the 100 Nights Trial Offer.


Exceptions To Return/Refund Under 100 Nights Trial Offer:

Sleepyhead 100 Nights Trial offer is crafted with the objective of giving customers

the opportunity to try out our products for 100 nights at the comfort of their own

homes. In an unlikely situation of the Mattress or SofaBed not being perfect for you, we are happy to take it back and give you a 100% refund.

To ensure that the offer is not being misused, we have identified some exceptions to the 100 Nights Trial Offer which are as below.

1. Return/Refund request will not be entertained in case of improper usage or

physical damage to the product. You are expected to return the Sleepyhead

product/s in a good condition.

2. Return/Refund request will not be entertained if any severe liquid spillage, stains, dirt or damage is found on the product during the inspection process.

3. Return/Refund request will not be entertained if the product is used on an

improper surface without proper support.

4. Return/Refund request will not be entertained if the product is found to be exposed to cold / hot temperatures for a period of time that causes the materials to tear or permanently deform.5. Return/Refund request will not be entertained if the customer opts a return due to incorrect size orderd. It is always recommended to cross check the size before placing the order.



3.     Bajaao :

1.If you return a product within 15 days of your delivery date that is still in brand new condition with the original packaging and with all items delivered with the product.

2.Refunds processed against "Non satisfaction" returns will not include the charges paid towards shipping/logistics at the time of placing the order, except in case of a product having a defect/damage at the time of delivery

3.For products returned with the following conditions below, a 15% product missing/damaged fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.

•          Wear and tear on the product like small scratches and dents

•          Damage to the original manufacturing box or accessories

•          Missing box items like an owner’s manual or software/ driver CD’s, etc.

•          Damage or dents incurred during the return shipping process

•          Tampered / Missing barcode from the product

Refunds will not be processed for products with more significant damage or missing significant accessories, like connector cables, or DC power supplies.

4.Products received with physical damage must be reported to Bajaao within 5 days of the delivery date

5.Products purchased as Open Box cannot be returned. All Open Box sales are final. Open Box products have been tested and are guaranteed to be functional. If you have a reason to believe that your open box product is non-functional, please contact us on with video evidence. Product malfunction for open-box products is covered by Bajaao, and they enjoy a 2-year Standard Bajaao warranty as all other products.( open Box B stock products are covered by a 1 year warranty)

6.We do not accept returns for the following items:

o          All wind instruments such as Harmonicas, Flutes, Saxophones, etc; all Microphones and all Headphones/ Earphones such as In-ear monitors, True Wireless Earphones, and Headphones – due to hygiene /Covid-19 risks from potential exposure to the mouth/ear area (unless there is a case of product malfunction/product defect) o          Opened software products.

o          All products with manufacturer seal. Once the seal is opened it cannot be assigned to another user, and hence BAJAAO cannot accept the return unless there is a case of product malfunction.

o          Audio Interfaces, Midi Keyboards or any other product that entails registration in order to be used. Once registered, the product cannot be reassigned, and hence BAJAAO cannot accept the return.

o          Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

o          Acoustic Drum Kits and Drum heads cannot be accepted under returns unless there is a case of product malfunction / product defect.

•          Products damaged due to the use of an inappropriate power supply or products that were damaged due to voltage stability issues will not be accepted as returns. Across India, and even in the four core metro areas, a high-quality voltage stabiliser and spike protector are necessary to protect all electronic gear.

•          Products that show willful damage will not be accepted as returns.

Unless you have received a damaged or defective product or a product different than the one you have ordered, you are responsible for shipping the product back to our facility near Mumbai.


For non-satisfaction returns (other than defective/damaged or wrong product), you can choose to return the product yourself or via our pick-up service for a nominal fee of 7% (Minimum Rs.500) or a maximum of Rs.2000 of the product value. This amount will be deducted from your final refund amount.

 If you would like to return a product, it is required to either submit the Contact Us form or call us as soon as possible at +91-22-42035353 (extension 3). All returns must be authorized and the return shipment must be mailed within 8 to 10 business days of receiving the original shipment.

The refund will be initiated only after the package has been received back at our facility.

The refunded amount will be transferred, as per banking and payment gateway norms, within 8 to 10 business days of the receipt of the returned shipment.


4.     Fanzart: Items can be exchanged, only if the box is unopened and the fan is found in perfect condition.



5.     Durfi :

Once the order is dispatched, if you want to cancel/ return the order, there will be a logistics charges will be applicable, the logistics charges are For mattress sizes (72/75/78x36x5, 6 and 8 Inch Rs. 1500/- logistics charges, 72/75/78x60x5, 6 and 8 Inch Rs. 2000/- logistics charges, 72/75/78x72x5, 6 and 8 Inch Rs. 2500/- logistics charges) will be deducted and the remaining balance amount will be refunded to you.

Below, cases are NOT eligible for return or replacement:

●          There are no cancellations or comfort guarantees on special orders or custom sizes orders. Also, there is no a cancellation or returns on accessories.

●          Any staining or soiling of a mattress will void any warranty. The purchase and use of a mattress protector is highly recommended.

●          Products that are not in the original condition and packaging or shows sign of damage will violate our return policy.



6.     Good Furniture Works:

1. Products shown on picture may not exactly reflect on product delivered due to color optimization on website images.

2. An unevenness of 2 to 3 MM may be evident in some cases.

3. We do not take any responsibility for surface level differences at shipping address.

4.There will be a cost of Rs. 500 / Rs. 1,000 or Rs. 2,000 for any missed deliveries that will be re-attempted by our warehouse team

5. There will be a holding charge of Rs. 500 per day in an event if customer wishes for us to hold the ready order for a later date of delivery

Our delivery personal will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes at your shipping address and if goods are not accepted-they will return with goods to the warehouse and a re-attempt of delivery will be made after booking another delivery slot basis costs as mentioned on point 5


7.     Hometown:

•          Products damaged while being used do not qualify for a refund or replacement. (Product warranty to be taken up with respective brand/HT service center to be highlighted)

•          If the product was not received in good condition we may repair/replace the product under warranty terms, however in case we are unable to replace the damaged/defective product we may initiate other or offer alternate product with mutual consent on returning old product. Replacement of product may depend upon the availability of the product.

•          In the event you return any product which is delivered to you in damaged/defective condition, we will also refund the shipping charges if applicable to that item.


In case of Damage or Missing Item for the ordered product in Category like Decor, Home Furnishing, Tableware, Kitchenware & Luggage Customer has to raised a Ticket within 15 days from the product delivered. Post that Time Period no ticket or complaints will be entertained from HomeTown Team

Return it through Courier Collection:

You may contact our Customer Care within 48hrs of having received the product and request a return/exchange (As per the policy mentioned above).We shall arrange for the products to be collected from the delivery address through courier and shall process the return/exchange subject to receipt of the products at our end in unused condition and in its original packaging along with the invoice, failing which return/ exchange or refund may not be possible.

For returns through courier collection; you will be given a docket number at the time of collecting the products, which is to be retained for future reference.

In the event that the return does not comply with the return policy of the HomeTown, you will not be entitled to any replacement or refund of the sums already paid to HomeTown and HomeTown reserves the right to withhold the sums already received.

Order for Furniture can be cancelled within 24hours.Order for Furnishing/Decor/Tableware/Kitchenware cannot be cancelled.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with any product you have ordered from us.If the product was not received in good condition, we may repair/replace the part/component/product under warranty terms.Product cannot be refunded/cancelled unless it has non-repairable manufacturing defects.



8.     Robotouch

1.         Products can be returned within 7 days from the delivery date

2. The amount will be refunded after checking the condition of the product

3.         Service charge 7% will be deducted from the total Amount, if the product is in good condition else based on the damage, deduction percentage will be decided

4.         Warranty does not include physical damages like wear and tear, mishandling, misuse, damage due to accident, negligence and other forms of intentional damage

5.         After sales service available at the doorstep for the products above Rs. 20,000, whereas products below Rs. 20,000 pick-up charges from the customer’s place for service will be borne by the brand and delivery charges must be borne by the customer

6.         The Warranty for the product is not applicable for any faulty electrical systems/supply/maintenance, any voltage disturbances, any unauthorized dealers or technician’s repairs, willful destruction, destruction by fire, collisions, theft, etc.



9.     Vivo

This **Product** is eligible for free replacement within 15 days of delivery. Replacements can be requested if the following conditions are met:

1.         The item received is physically damaged

2.         The item received has missing accessories

3.         The item received differs from the description on the product detail page

4.         The item received is defective or does not work as described


Please Note:

·           In the rare event that you receive a damaged/ different device, any missing accessories, please create a replacement request within 48 hours of order delivery.

·           The device must be formatted prior to returning and Screen Lock (Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint) must be disabled. If the replacement product is not in stock, the refund will be made to the customer's source account (Initial Payment Mode).

eStore - Grievance Redressal 

1.     You can also refer to the FAQ section for quick resolutions.

2.     You can raise the queries on Customer service desk on the eStore through “My Orders” section in the below sequence:

My Orders >> Eligible Order >> Raise a Query >>Reason>Submit

3.     Once you raise a query, the Customer Service team shall acknowledge your query and respond to you on a tentative timeline for resolution.

4.     If you have any query/complaint in relation to BFL EMI Network Card, You are requested to take up such queries to Bajaj Finance Limited directly.

5.     If Your query is not resolved within 21 days, You can escalate the matter by writing to the Grievance Officer (Meetal Kadam) at