Q.1.  What is Bajaj Mall?

A.1.  An online platform where retailers can display their product offerings to BFL customers and customer can avail no cost EMI finance for purchasing those products.                                                                                                                     
    Key Features:
      -Same day delivery at customer’s doorstep with no extra cost.
      -Down-payment on delivery through cash/card 
      - Best offer prices                                                                                                                   
      -Lowest down-payment and multiple tenor schemes         
       -No documentation



Q.2. How to buy a product on Bajaj Mall?

A.2.  Follow below steps:                                     

        Step 1: Login to Bajaj Mall using your id & password/ OTP/ social media login.

        Step 2: Select 'Go to shop' then choose a product category.

        Step 4: Select a product with any of available EMI schemes.

        Step 5: Add product to cart & select any insurance of your choice then proceed to checkout.

        Step 6: Enter your shipping address & click 'Generate OTP'.

        Step 7: Review your order, check 'Loan' & 'Product' details then enter OTP that you have received on your  registered mobile number & click submit.

        Step 8: Read and agree to terms & conditions then click 'Buy Now'.

        Step 9: Now you will receive a call from the dealer asking your confirmation to dispatch your order, post which  you cannot cancel your order if you choose to confirm.

        Step 10: Delivery boy will reach your doorstep, pay down payment & sign invoice and ask the delivery boy to open sealed product in front of you.



Q.3. How is Bajaj Mall better than other E-commerce websites?



Bajaj Mall


Best price – E-retailer and market



Same day delivery at door step – benchmark within 4 hours



Finance proposition - attractive scheme options 


Lower down payment scheme as per risk segmentation




Q.4. Can I purchase product from dealers other than my city?

A.4. You can view the offers by dealers in the city registered by you with Bajaj Finserv. In case you want to update your address, please visit Bajaj Mall Service page or visit your nearest Bajaj Finserv branch.



Q.5. What is an EMI card?

A.5. An EMI card is a card using which you can convert your purchases into easy EMI’s. The EMI Card is a card with a pre-approved loan. You can use this card to buy your favourite durable, digital, lifestyle products (like furniture and gym equipment), retail products (like clothes, footwear, accessories, eyewear and small appliances), hotel stay and book holidays through travel agencies on EMI Finance** by simply swiping your card at our partner retail outlet.

**EMI Finance option is available on select products/ brands / dealerships, and may vary from time to time as per scheme availability.



Q.6. How do I apply for the EMI Card?

A.6.  To apply for EMI card Click here or SMS EMICARD to 56070.



Q.7. What is my EMI card limit?

A.7. You can view your EMI Card limit on Bajaj Mall Service customer portal.



Q.8. How can I increase my credit limit?

A.8. Please contact bajaj customer service at 020-29575151 or visit our nearest branch for the same.



Q.9. Where can I get my Customer Portal username and password?

A.9. Your login details are printed on the reverse of your EMI Card or you can send an SMS Bajaj Mall to +91 92275 64444 from your registered mobile to get the username and password.



Q.10. How can I update the change of contact details?

A.10. For any change of your registered contact details like - home address, email address, mobile and telephone number, 

you will have to login and update the same in our Bajaj Mall Service customer portal.



Q.11. What is processing fee?

A.11. A nominal amount that customer has to pay for loan processing.



Q.12. What is open ECS limit?

A.12. An open ECS limit is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from customer's bank account via ECS (Electronic Clearance Service).



Q.13. What are the loan schemes available?

A.13. Loan schemes are different for different products. You can view the relevant offers for a particular product on individual product pages.



Q.14. Can I order a product that is 'Out of limit'?

A.14. No, you cannot until the product comes under your credit & ECS limit.



Q.15. How can I pay my down payment?

A.15. You can pay by cash or card at the time of product delivery (Payment by card depends on availability of EDC machine with the dealer)



Q.16. ECS debit will be linked to which bank account?

A.16. It will be linked to the account mentioned in the ECS mandate signed by the customer.



Q.17. When will my loan be booked?

A.17. Your loan will be booked within 48 hours of product delivery.



Q.18. Once the loan tenure is fixed, can it be changed to longer or shorter tenure?

A.18. No, it cannot be changed.



Q.19. Is there a limit to the amount for which my product is insured if I purchase a phone insurance?

A.19. Refer insurance T&C available on Bajaj Mall.



Q.20. Can I cancel an order?

A.20. Order can only be cancelled before giving the confirmation to dealer on call.



Q.21. How to cancel an order?

A.21.  There are two ways to cancel your order:

1. You can cancel your order from my order section before call confirmation is done.

2. You can cancel your order at the time of call given by dealer for order confirmation

(Note: Once the customer has confirmed order over dealer's confirmation call, the order cannot be cancelled because the product will be marked sold in manufactures system & cannot be sold to any other customer)



Q.22.  My order was cancelled by the dealer; however my EMI card eligibility was not re-instated.

A.22. Your EMI Card eligibility will be re-instated in 24 hours, if it is not re-instated, you can raise a request through Bajaj Mall Service customer portal - Raise a request page.



Q.23. Where can I view my orders?

A.23. Go to my account and click on my orders to view all your orders.



Q.24. How do I know my order has been confirmed?

A.24. By authenticating the OTP on checkout page, you will get order confirmation notification by sms. You will also get a call by dealer for order confirmation and delivery details.



Q.25. How do I check my order status?

A.25. To check the order status, click on My accounts>My orders>Track order.



Q.26. Can I request for a specific delivery time?

A.26. You can choose a delivery time as per different time slots available. You may also request the dealer for a specific delivery time.




Q.27. Do I need to pay extra charges for delivery time requested by me?

A.27. There are no extra charges for delivery.



Q.28. What is the estimated delivery time?

A.28. Delivery time may vary from 4 hrs to 24 hrs depending upon customer's requirement & dealer's serviceability.



Q.29. How can I track the delivery of my order?

A.29. Go to my orders in your Bajaj Mall account and click Track order.



Q.30. Can I return the product?

A.30. No you cannot return the product once it is delivered. However, in case of damaged product you may please contact the dealer or write us at wecare@bajajfinserv.in or call Bajaj customer service at 020 29575151.



Q.31. The Seller has declined my request. What can I do?

A.31. Contact dealer at the earliest or write us at wecare@bajajfinserv.in or call Bajaj Finserv customer service at 020 39575152



Q.32. What if the product delivered to me is faulty?

A.32. Please contact the dealer or manufacturer's customer service centre.



Q.33. Can I get my product gift wrapped?

A.33. Gift wrap option is not available.



Q.34. How to contact Bajaj Finserv in case of any query?

A.34. Write us at wecare@bajajfinserv.in


Q.35. What should I do in case of a problem with the product?

A.35. Please contact the respective dealer or manufacturer service centre.